• The topics of the lecture course by R.I. Solnitsev have been published: “Information technology in the design of cyber-physical systems” [Russian]

• An article in the SCM'2020 Conference Proceedings: Solnitsev R.I., Kupriyanov G.A. Recycling infrastructure design automation issues [Russian] [English: IEEE Xplore]


● The monograph published: Solnitsev R.I., Korshunov G.I., Petrushevskaya A.A., Paranichev A.V. Cyber-physical systems in environmental safety and geomonitoring of motor transport (Research, design, production) SPb GETU LETI, 2019, 200 p.

● from September 2019 to the present Prof. Solnitsev R. I. is conducting weekly seminars titled “Cyber-physical systems: the study, design and manufacturing”

St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI), 2019 CAD department Weekly seminars “Cyber-physical systems: the study, design and manufacturing”


  1. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) – basic definitions, concepts
  2. Examples and classification of CPS
  3. Enterprises as CPS – a survey for the implementation of CAD
  4. ”Nature-Technogenics” Control system
  5. Control system for technosphere safety
  6. Management system for environmental safety of vehicles
  7. Macro CPS models
  8. Design stages of CPS: coordination of TOR, preliminary design, detailed design, testing
  9. Production stages: technological preparation, additive manufacturing technology
  10. Marketing of CPS products The presented topics associated with digital design and production, are also topics of dissertations of graduate students.

● Published the list of scientific and educational works of professor, doctor of technical sciences Solnitsev R.I. for the period 2014 - 2019 (in Russian)

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