IEHS Approbations include Proceedings of “Instrumentation in Ecology and Human Safety” (IEHS Proc.) published in 1994-2007, Articles of Famous Researchers (which have a Science degree: Doctor or Candidate of Scinece) in other Proceedings. IEHS covers more than 400 Persons, see IEHS Proc.: IEHS’96, IEHS’98, IEHS’2002, IEHS’2004, IEHS’2007; all above are in the Knowledge Base «Nature-Technogenic Control Systems».

And nowadays there are following Supports:

1. State Organization

1.1. Ecology Committee of Russian Federation “State Duma”. Chairman Grachev Vladimir (an appeal to Governors of Russian Federation Regions for 2006-2007: Valerij Serdukov, Valentina Matvienko, Aman Tuleev, Ilya Klebanov).
1.2. Northwest Center for Venture Investment (a Certificate has got in 2008).
1.3. Federal Research Centre for Projects Evaluation and Consulting Services, 2008.
1.4. The Natural Resources and Ecology Committee of the “North-West” Association, 2010.
1.5. International Exhibition (Shanghai, China), 2010.
Environmental Technology Institute of Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (Hanoi, Vietnam) , 2012.

2. Patents

2.1. Patent on the application № 2006124948/28, 10.04.2009. Solnitsev R. I., Korshunov G. I., Grudinin V. P. Method of Reducing the Air Polluting through Closed-Loop Control System // Russian Federation Patent for Invention № 2351975. 2009. Bull. № 10.
2.2. Patent on the application № 2012145342, 10.02.2014. Solnitsev R. I., Korshunov G. I. Catalytic Neutralizer when Motor Vehicle Wastes Gases into Air // Russian Federation Patent for Invention № 2511776. 2014. Bull. № 10.

3. Scientific-Technical Councils Decisions, Adaptations, Reports

3.1. Academic Council Decision of State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI), 2015 (due to Remir Solnitsev’s Report).
3.2. Academic Council Decision of SUAI, 2006.
3.3. Exhibits to be presented as Implementation of “Nature-Technogenic” Control System and Neutralization of Motor Vehicle Waste Oil Control System (Hanoi, Vietnam), 2015. Authors are Viktor Tupik, Remir Solnitsev, Nguen Than Ngi, Do Xuan Cho.
3.4. Science Report state no. 114071570019 «Working out of “Nature-Technogenic” Closed-Loop Control System», 2014.
3.5. Science Report state no. 01200901084 «Working out of “Nature-Technogenic” Closed-Loop Control System», 2008.

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