Remir Iosifovich Solnitsev

The Founder and Director of International Institute of Engineering in Environment and Human Safety (IIEEHS), D. Sc., Prof.


Horoured Worker of Russian Federation Science and Technology, Member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member of Technological Cybernetics Academy, Member of Informatization Academy, Founder and 1st Chief Executive of Saint Petersburg’s Dept. of Instrument Society of America (ISA) in 1994-1997, Honorary Member of ISA. Founder and Supervisor in Automation Design and Manufacturing for Instrumentation and Vehicle Control Systems. Conference Committee Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of “Instrumentation in Ecology and Human Safety” Proceedings (IEHS) in 1996, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2007. Author of more than 300 Articles, Books and Inventions

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